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Here at Infinite Monkey Design, we create beautiful work. The unfortunate news is we do not, at this time, have the capability to cost-effectively perform in-house printing.

All our print work, like cards (business, rack, post), photo books, etc. are designed and printed through Vista Print, and delivered directly to you. The cost of the VistaPrint printing and shipping/handling is the responsibility of the client. We do that one of two ways:

Option No. 1: VistaPrint’s costs are factored directly into the client’s contract. If a client contracts IMD to do $500 worth of design work, and orders $250 worth of printing as part of the project, the invoice will show $500 for IMD services and $250 for printing for a total of $750. This is an excellent option if future changes are not anticipated, or the client does not have the ability to make future changes. Any future print jobs/edits can simply be ordered and invoiced through IMD.

Option No. 2: Clients can pay a digital-copy fee. IMD does not provide the print-ready documents to clients unless that is negotiated in the contract with a digital-copy fee. This fee is determined during the consultation and starts at $25. This option is best for clients who need to send finished products to a publishing house (i.e. History Book projects), or will see frequent revisions that the client can manage (i.e. posters with changing dates/easy printing on home printers).

There are benefits and drawbacks to each option. IMD will discuss these with clients and help them choose the choice that best suits their needs. Regardless of whether or not clients choose Option No. 1 or No. 2, they remain owners of the document. This means IMD cannot repackage or repurpose it in any way, shape or form, or deny the client access to print services†.

† IMD reserves the right to deny clients access to materials in the case of non-payment or outstanding invoices. IMD will not provide finished files in the case of Option No. 2 until full payment is received.